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A brush with danger

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George from Portland, OR writes:

Dear T,

Everyone has gotten a good scare with my Halloween stories The Evil Lightbulb and Organ-ic Blood Orange. Well, this year’s story is even more frightening. It’s about a toothbrush that comes to life on Halloween night with a sinister mission—to keep brushing and brushing and brushing. It doesn’t stop brushing until it’s brushed your head right off. Ha ha! What do you think of that?

P.S. Since I charged ten dollars for last year’s story, my mom made me give this one away for free. All the copies are already gone.

T replies:

What can I say, George? You’ve done it again. Another ordinary household item is now scaring me out of my wits, thanks to your lurid imagination. Needless to say I will NOT be brushing my teeth this Halloween night. I’ll just have to brush TWICE the next morning.


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