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Sing along!

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I have written about my distant relative, American songwriter Cornelius Power, and his fierce, artistic rivalry with his BFF, composer James Lord Pierpont, author of the immortal classic “Jingle Bells.”

Cornelius’s sleigh-ride song, “Horsey Snow Ride,” is not as well-known. The sheet music has been lost in the sands of time, sadly, but the lyrics can be sung to the tune of “America the Beautiful.” Whether or not it’s snowing outside, it makes a rousing holiday number. Let’s all sing along!

HORSEY SNOW RIDE by Cornelius Power (1821-1915)

Let’s take a sleigh ride on the snow

And travel to and fro

While snowflakes pile on our heads

As we cry, “Here we go!”

Oh horsey ride, oh horsey ride,

You are so fast and fun!

You make us glad that winter’s here.

God bless us, every one!


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