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Yes to the Yeti!

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Keylan and Jake from Long Beach, CA write:

Dear T,

We are not interested in stories about vampires. We don’t care about werewolves, either. Or ghosts. And especially not mermaids! What we ARE interested in is the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Here is a story we’ve written about the mighty Yeti called SNOBEAST. We both worked on the cover drawing. Those are the Himalaya mountains in the back. What do you think?

T replies:

Thanks for letting me read your Yeti story, Keylan and Jake! SNOBEAST sent chills of terror and excitement up and down my spine. I have long been fascinated by tales of the Yeti. I’m a believer!


Celebrity sighting!

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I ran across Tock from THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH while out on a walk today. He was just chillin’ in someone’s front yard. For a legendary celebrity, he’s just a normal guy. Not stuck up at all!


Happy Easter!

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At Easter I think of bunny ears in all their glory, ending with my favorite kind: the ones atop a delicious coconut bunny cake.

My love for this holiday treat started early. Here I am, your not-so-humble author, proudly showing an Easter bunny cake I helped create. I haven’t made one since. It’s baking time!

Happy Easter, everybody!


Just kidding!

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