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Do NOT try this at home

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Casey “Animal Magnet” Anderson runs his own personal wildlife sanctuary, Montana’s Grizzly Encounter Wildlife Sanctuary. Brutus the bear was born in an overcrowded bear reserve, where he was doomed to live most of his life in a cage. But luck was on Brutus’s side. Casey decided to adopt him!

The two have since become best buddies. Brutus shows his gratitude by coming over for dinner and NOT EATING Casey.

Sometimes, it’s just the two of them at an informal outdoor meal. AGAIN, the menu DOES NOT FEATURE Casey!

Needless to say, this is a special relationship, and by SPECIAL I mean ONE IN A BILLION. Nature’s golden rule still applies. DO NOT GO NEAR A BEAR! Even Casey and Brutus will tell you that.


Yoda in a jar

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Yoda looks at home in this terrarium by Minneapolis artist Tony Larson, and no wonder. It’s a recreation of the Master Jedi’s planet, Dagobah. Stop by Tony’s Etsy store, and you can enjoy a bit of your favorite Star Wars planetary system in your own home. Tony’s amazing terrariums include the Forest of Endor and the desert of Tatooine, where R2D2 is just about to meet his fateful encounter with scavenging Jawas. Watch out, R2!