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Happy Mother’s Day!

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On a beautiful day like today, I suggest you take your mom to a National Park!

Find a National Park near you.


There are wild things in Heaven

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“Can you draw a picture on the blackboard when somebody doesn’t want you to?” asked the rooster promptly.
“Yes,” answered Kenny, “if you write them a very nice poem.”
“What is an only goat?”
“A lonely goat,” answered Kenny.
The rooster shut one eye and looked at Kenny.
“Can you hear a horse on the roof?” he asked.
“If you know how to listen in the night,” said Kenny.
“Can you fix a broken promise?”
“Yes,” said Kenny, “if it only looks broken, but really isn’t.”
The rooster drew his head back into his feathers and whispered, “What is a very narrow escape?”
“When somebody almost stops loving you,” Kenny whispered back.

—Maurice Sendak, KENNY’S WINDOW


Yes to the Yeti!

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Keylan and Jake from Long Beach, CA write:

Dear T,

We are not interested in stories about vampires. We don’t care about werewolves, either. Or ghosts. And especially not mermaids! What we ARE interested in is the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Here is a story we’ve written about the mighty Yeti called SNOBEAST. We both worked on the cover drawing. Those are the Himalaya mountains in the back. What do you think?

T replies:

Thanks for letting me read your Yeti story, Keylan and Jake! SNOBEAST sent chills of terror and excitement up and down my spine. I have long been fascinated by tales of the Yeti. I’m a believer!


Celebrity sighting!

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I ran across Tock from THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH while out on a walk today. He was just chillin’ in someone’s front yard. For a legendary celebrity, he’s just a normal guy. Not stuck up at all!


Happy Easter!

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At Easter I think of bunny ears in all their glory, ending with my favorite kind: the ones atop a delicious coconut bunny cake.

My love for this holiday treat started early. Here I am, your not-so-humble author, proudly showing an Easter bunny cake I helped create. I haven’t made one since. It’s baking time!

Happy Easter, everybody!


Just kidding!

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Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food

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I’m gonna be round my vegetables

I’m gonna chow down my vegetables

I love you most of all

my favorite vegetable…

So sang The Beach Boys in their song “Vegetables.” Beatle Paul McCartney joined the band to chew raw vegetables for percussion effects on the recording.

The Vegetable Orchestra is an Austrian musical group that uses instruments made entirely from fresh vegetables. The group consists of ten musicians, one cook, and one sound engineer. A concert of the Vegetable Orchestra appeals to all the senses. As an encore at the end of the concert and the video performance, the audience is offered fresh vegetable soup.

Two brothers in China have caught the vegetable music bug. They’ve carved out an odd career, turning vegetables into musical instruments. The creative pair began their craft two years ago and spend most of their time scouring food stalls for the perfect pieces.

I’m never going to look at the veggies on my plate the same way again!


Take a bow!

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THE BOY WHO HOWLED is honored to be included in the 2011/2012 book list for the Alabama Camellia Children’s Choice award. The wolves called Mom, Dad, Uncle Rick, Aunt Trudy, and Grampa, and Callum, Lila, Mr. and Mrs. Throckmorton, Aunt Donaldina, Uncle Luther, and world-famous wildlife wrangler Buzz Optigon all say thanks!