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Holiday blessings

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Share the love.

Spread the wealth.

Keep on truckin’.


Why Santa needs glasses

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Letters to the North Pole have gotten more complicated in the modern age. There is just one item on this list, and already I can see Kris Kringle squinting!


Yadiloh is here again!

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It’s time to remind ourselves of this immortal post. Let’s raise our voices in song and toast to Yadiloh, the Festival of Brooms and Mice!


Happy Thanksgiving

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There are so many ways to celebrate Turkey Day. You could create a beautiful foliage mobile with colorful leaves from your backyard.

Or you can draw a mutant hand turkey that demands respect.

But one thing you should NEVER do.



⌃This one looks like a weird pair of ears … and horns!

⌃This one is so embarrassed it wants to run away!

⌃This one looks like elf ears on a Santa hat … an elf on a rampage!

⌃This one is so ashamed of being worn on someone’s head it is actually trying to cook itself!

⌃This one makes the person wearing it look like they are trapped inside a raw bird … and also makes them look like a pig.

This is how ALL wearers of turkey hats end up … filled with remorse.

Only two kinds of Thanksgiving revelers can wear turkey hats with dignity. Show us how it’s done, dog and cat!


Fall friends

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The Autumn Leaf butterfly is commonly found in India and Australia.

These Autumn Leaf animals can be found anywhere there’s someone with imagination, Elmer’s glue, and time to play!



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Do Jack O’Lanterns have to be pumpkins, or can they be made of metal? My favorites this Halloween season come from craft company Mel’s Make Believe, not a pumpkin patch. These wonderful Halloween sculptures are manufactured from mechanical bits and pieces in the style of steampunk, the type of science fiction where old-fashioned machinery takes the place of futuristic technology. Each of Mel’s steampunk Jack O’Lanterns is a one-of-a-kind original with its own spooky personality. They all bring the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve to life, and they’re guaranteed not to rot the next week! Happy Halloween!



Story art

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A storyboard is a sequence of drawings representing the camera shots planned for a motion picture production. Here is one created by animator John Ripa for Tangled.

Master filmmaker Akira Kurosawa spent his early years as an aspiring painter. He put his painterly talent into creating wonderful images  for the storyboards he used for his motion pictures. Here are just a few!

Movies have many stories to tell. And art brings them all to life!


When old sounds new

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Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra is a children’s musical group that plays instruments made from recycled trash. The instruments incorporate everything from tin paint containers to spatulas.

The idea of turning something discarded into something uplifting came when music teacher Favio Chávez and trash picker Nicolás Gómez  joined forces in the city of Cateura to find a way to teach economically disadvantaged kids to play music in a place where a real violin costs more than a house.

The idea is nothing new, but the instruments are!

“Repurposing materials that are part of your everyday culture has been something that a lot of cultures have done for thousands of years,” says Dr. Daniel Piper, curator of musical instruments at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.


Making the best of a bad situation

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Fun can always turn a frown upside-down, and it sometimes helps to use a Sharpie. But only on your own things!


When small is big

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⌃Paedophryne amauensis is a species of frog from Papua New Guinea. It is the world’s smallest vertebrate.

⌃The Lilliputian Violet, found in the Peruvian Andes mountains, grows to be only one centimeter tall.

New York City’s Little Free Library may be the world’s smallest lending library. Designed by Venezuelan architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, it is one of ten mini-libraries in the city.


⌃This is the view upon entering this single-person space. It already looks crowded!

It has what we want, though. Books! And the instructions couldn’t be simpler. This library for people on the go is definitely a case where big things have come from something small.