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Happy birthday, L. Frank Baum!

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Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day!

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May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day. In solemn remembrance, let’s take a look at a tribute one sad person put up for his or her lost sock last year. Keep your eyes peeled for lost sock posters today!


Movie magician

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Master special effects artist Ray Harryhausen passed from this world to the next today. He excelled in the animation technique known as stop motion, where physical models are moved very slightly and photographed many, many times, so that when the film is played back, the models appear to move on their own. Mr. Harryhausen’s creations never failed to steal the show. Here he is at various stages in this career with a few of his stars.

And here is a wonderful compilation of the master’s movie magic. Thanks for showing us that anything is possible, Ray Harryhausen!


Yuri’s bears

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The wonderful illustrator Yuri Vasnetsov was born in Russia in 1900. He studied modern art but found his greatest inspiration in traditional Russian folk art and his love of wildlife. Animals of all kinds spring to life in his drawings and paintings with much humor and sometimes a touch of dread. Bears were a favorite subject. Here are some terrific examples.

Mr. Vasnetsov was able to give all his animal creations a strong and distinct personality. Despite having lost a leg and trekking in deep snow, this bear seems to be looking on the bright side of life. It’s good to be home!

⌃Here are the famous Three Bears in a happy daytime woodland scene.

⌃And a different trio in a nighttime setting.

⌃This bear has found a  reluctant sailing companion, who also serves as a boat!


⌃And this painting shows Yuri’s love of bears is shared by all.