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Happy Thanksgiving

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There are so many ways to celebrate Turkey Day. You could create a beautiful foliage mobile with colorful leaves from your backyard.

Or you can draw a mutant hand turkey that demands respect.

But one thing you should NEVER do.



⌃This one looks like a weird pair of ears … and horns!

⌃This one is so embarrassed it wants to run away!

⌃This one looks like elf ears on a Santa hat … an elf on a rampage!

⌃This one is so ashamed of being worn on someone’s head it is actually trying to cook itself!

⌃This one makes the person wearing it look like they are trapped inside a raw bird … and also makes them look like a pig.

This is how ALL wearers of turkey hats end up … filled with remorse.

Only two kinds of Thanksgiving revelers can wear turkey hats with dignity. Show us how it’s done, dog and cat!

Fall friends

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The Autumn Leaf butterfly is commonly found in India and Australia.

These Autumn Leaf animals can be found anywhere there’s someone with imagination, Elmer’s glue, and time to play!