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Happy Father’s Day!

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Another Father’s Day, another tie for Dad. He does like ties. But this year why not give him one as sweet as he is?

In other words, give Dad a tie cake this Father’s Day!

Yes, Dad can eat this tie. Image and step-by-step instructions on how to make this cake found here.

Don’t forget the ice-cream cake option. Dad will thank you either way, and I’m sure he’ll share a slice or two. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Love you.

Dad can eat this tie, too. But he might get a brain freeze. Image (and ice-cream cake by): Carvel.


Gnome home

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Tree stumps.

They’re everywhere.

And they always look a little sad and forlorn.

Luckily, gnomes (and fairies, to be fair) are always in need of housing. And there’s nothing they like better than to move into one of these babies. With planning, imagination, and spare time for fun, anyone can transform a sad-looking tree stump into an inviting home for wee members of the magical realm.

(This excellent gnome home found here)


(This roomier gnome mansion found here)

Whether or not a gnome (or fairy, to be fair) chooses to move into one of these fantastic creations, I would much rather see a gnome home than a forlorn stump, so I’d better get building. For tips on how to build a gnome home, there is no better resource than Jennifer Pilcher. She will break it down for you with pictures of homes so charming you will want to send the gnomes packing and move in yourself!