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Happy Halloween!

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Pumpkins, this is not your year. You’ve had a good run, but Halloween 2016 belongs to PINEAPPLE JACK-O’-LANTERNS.

Here’s how to make your own pineapple porch fright. It’s easy!



Howl O’ween

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It’s not so easy to come up with the perfect Halloween costume. These dogs have put a lot of thought into it and come up with something to bark about.

Here’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Donatello, to be exact, the team inventor. This crafty canine definitely exhibits Donatello’s special genius for cobbling together something special from stuff he’s scrounged from the trash heap.

The Dynamic Duo lives again in doggy form! Batman and Robin are ready to save the day. And fetch.

This greyhound doesn’t need to chase the bus. He IS the bus. MIND BLOWN.

And, in the not-so-subtle-hints department, these fast-food impersonators are practically shouting “Fill the dog bowl, silly human!”


House haunters

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Toward the end of October shuddersome shacks attract house-haunters looking for a pad to possess, and hair-raising hangouts put an Unwelcome mat by the front door. Dying to meet your neighborhood poltergeist? Knock at your peril. But don’t be surprised if your ghost host avoids the living room.

Oh—and be warned. Why are haunted houses always the tallest in town? Because they’ve got hundreds of horror stories!


Creatures featured

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Celebrated for his magical illustrations, including a comic strip he drew that brought an L. Frank Baum Oz book to life, American writer and artist Walt McDougall published his own weekly fantasy stories for children in Sunday newspapers from 1902 to 1905.

Walt McDougall

Not to be outdone by the beasties of Oz, McDougall invented his own magical creatures. Behold, the thirsty Panjandrum!

Walt McDougall

And the gas-guzzling Gastritus.

Walt McDougall

And the aptly named Three Strange Things!

Walt McDougall

Not to mention the Jagmetty.

Walt McDougall

And the Pollygus, as Jimmy saw him.

Walt McDougall

Many more of Walt McDougall’s fanciful creatures and much of his art can be found online, though his books are no longer in print. Thank you, Internet!