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Holiday blessings

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Spread the love.

Share the wealth.

Keep on truckin’!


Gingerbready for action, Captain!

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Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise could only dream of a command this sweet, this spicy, this crunchy and delicious.

Blackmarket Bakery in Costa Mesa, CA not only dreamed of a gingerbread Enterprise, they made it a reality for a shop display, complete with icing lights and a candy-cane tractor beam.

Ever since the U.S.S. Enterprise crash-landed in an especially gripping Star Trek: Generations episode, fans have realized it’s not easy keeping such a vast vessel space-borne. Reddit user ejustice has used the creative power of gingerbread to picture a similar calamity in baked-good 3D. I like to think this is just the Enterprise heading into the clouds to evade cookie-craving Klingons!


A joke to leave you cold

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Frosty fails

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How great is it to come across a cheerful snow person on a field of freshly fallen white stuff? The sight of so much nice ice warms the heart just enough to take the chill off the cold season.

But bringing these frigid folks into the kitchen in the form of holiday treats is tricky. Many have tried, and many have failed.

Thinking of giving it a go? Here’s a useful hint. It doesn’t help to use yellow icing!