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Words to live by

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On this President’s Day, I am thinking of President John F. Kennedy, who governed the country at the time American artist Norman Rockwell painted “The Golden Rule,” a message handed down from high in order to benefit us all, whether powerful or powerless. “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich,” said President Kennedy. Thank you to the Presidents of the United States who have served Americans with care and compassion!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Floral magic

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Arcadia, CA artist Craig P. Burroughs uses ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography to capture what the human eye fails to see: the longer wavelengths of light certain plants reflect.

The result?

Supernatural beauty!

Behold the Bee Balm blossom, in all its fluorescent glory.

The Blanket Flower, baring its true colors.

Hawthorne flowers, plainly prismatic.

Ice Plant realness.

And the Kangaroo’s Paw, bold and beautiful.

Take a look at more of Craig P. Burrows’ incredible photography. You’ll never see the world the same!

All photos © Craig P. Burrows


Lap snail!

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Have you ever longed for a snail you could hug?

Here’s a beauty, a Giant African Land Snail. What would you name him/her?

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