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For the birds

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No one was a bigger fan of feathered friends than American ornithologist, painter, and naturalist John James Audubon, who traveled deep into the woods, glens, and marshes to capture bird life in illustrated glory. Now, Audubon.org is making available prints from Audubon’s major work, The Birds of America, to download for free. Here are some of my favorites.

The Raven. Obviously croaking a warning.

American Robin. A harbinger of Spring.

Barn Owl. Silent night stalker.

Barn Swallow. The picture of grace in flight, just as beautiful in repose.


Red-Throated Diver. Awkward on land, unbeatable in water.

Common American Gull. The reliable guardian of the ocean shores.

Many more of Audubon’s amazing illustrations can be found at Audubon.org. Pay a visit and find your own faves!


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