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Happy Mother’s Day!

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On a beautiful day like today, I suggest you take your mom to a National Park!

Find a National Park near you.


Thanks, Alot!

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A blogger named Allie has recently posted about her pet peeves concerning spelling and grammar. One thing that really puts a bee in her bonnet is when people spell “a lot” as one word: “alot.”

She’s thought a lot about “alot,” and drew a picture of the image that came into her mind.

She’s incorporated her feelings for Alot in another drawing.

When it comes to Alots, Allie reaches out with love and understanding.

But there’s one thing Allie would like to get straight. When Alots (or anyone else) are spelling “a lot,” they had better make it TWO words, not ONE.


Knock, knock …

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Eric from Columbus, OH writes:

Dear T,

I’m writing a book about the adventures of a street lamp and a telephone pole, and I’m drawing the pictures for it, too. The only problem is, Lampy and Poley are stuck in the ground and can’t go anywhere. All they can do is tell Knock Knock jokes. What should I do about that?

Drawing by Eric

Drawing by Eric

T replies:

I say keep ’em telling Knock Knock jokes, Eric. The world could use a few more of those. With all the problems we have to face every day, we can all use a good laugh!