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The Dream Garden

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American painter Maxfield Parrish specialized in colorful, fantastical settings. In 1914 Parrish collaborated with the glassmakers at Tiffany Studios to create The Dream Garden, an epic glass mosaic. This amazing art is located in the historic Curtis Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about The Dream Garden at freemansauction.


Living stone

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Japanese artist Akie Nakata brings found stones to remarkable life with a little paint and a lot of imagination. She chooses stones that speak to her with the voice of a particular character.

“I feel the breath of a life inside each stone,” she says, and sometimes speaks to a stone as she holds it in her hand.

The animals she brings to life look like they could talk back!

To see more of Akie’s amazing art, check our her Instagram.

And listen to her story on boredpanda.


Christmas Gorey

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American author and illustrator Edward Gorey’s pen-and-ink stylings perfectly capture the odd angles of all his subjects, including the Yuletide. I raise a glass of foamy nog to him!

Celebrate more of E. G.’s inimitable art here.


Helpful advice

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Timeless words of wisdom from Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake.


Yuri’s bears

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The wonderful illustrator Yuri Vasnetsov was born in Russia in 1900. He studied modern art but found his greatest inspiration in traditional Russian folk art and his love of wildlife. Animals of all kinds spring to life in his drawings and paintings with much humor and sometimes a touch of dread. Bears were a favorite subject. Here are some terrific examples.

Mr. Vasnetsov was able to give all his animal creations a strong and distinct personality. Despite having lost a leg and trekking in deep snow, this bear seems to be looking on the bright side of life. It’s good to be home!

⌃Here are the famous Three Bears in a happy daytime woodland scene.

⌃And a different trio in a nighttime setting.

⌃This bear has found a  reluctant sailing companion, who also serves as a boat!


⌃And this painting shows Yuri’s love of bears is shared by all.


Pictures of boo!

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Toronto artist David Irvine adds unexpected elements to thrift-store paintings to create a whole new way of looking at the subject matter. Among his offbeat additions are scary movie stars.

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th drops in for a visit at this charming woodsy cottage.

Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre helps a local gardener collect some flowers for her indoor display.

Michael Meyers from Halloween takes a moment out of his frenetic day to enjoy the seasonal foliage.

Slimer from Ghostbusters goes haunted-house hunting.

And Jack O’Lantern shares a fun, frightful tale with a lucky pair of picnicking siblings.

To see more of David Irvine’s imaginatively innovative works, check out his Etsy.


Wolfing around

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Paper great

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Danish artist HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) lives and works in Copenhagen. His simple drawings bring a whole lot of life and fun to simple sheets of paper.

HuskMitNavn proves you don’t need a lot of stuff when you’ve got a lot of imagination. Check out more of his drawings on Instagram. And see his paintings and installations here.


Sweet art

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Twenty-eight-year-old Japanese candymaker Shinri Tezuka specializes in the traditional art of amezaiku, the cutting, pulling, and bending of molten sugar into elaborate lollipops. Amezaiku originated in the 8th Century, and Shinri is one of the last of the candy artisans. He sells his amazing amezaiku at his Tokyo candy store, Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin. Here are some of his creations. Are they too beautiful to eat? Probably not, since they taste as good as they look.

Here’s Shinri Tezuka in action. Watch the magic happen!


A new war on Christmas

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George from Portland, OR writes:

Dear T,

I have a new holiday story to tell. It’s Rude-olph, the Rudest Reindeer. Forget about Rudolph. Rude-olph could chew him up for breakfast and spit him out at lunch. He’ll tell you you’re really smart…on Opposites Day. P.S. It’s only ten dollars. How many can I put you down for?

T replies:

Hey, George! The holidays are not a time for disrespect and bad manners. And charging ten dollars for this story is nine dollars too many. All I can say is that I hope Rude-olph learns to overcome his rudeness and is able to join in the festivities in a considerate and neighborly manner.