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Tiny majesty

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When we think of beach sand, most of us think of this.

Photo found at the Banzai Surf School.

Nice! But nothing special.

But microscope photographer Dr. Gary Greenberg knows what beach sand REALLY looks like. This!

Pictured below, a collection of magnified beach sand from Maui, Hawaii resembles booty from a pirate’s treasure chest.

Sand grains from Okinawa, Japan include starry skeletons of single-celled foraminifera.

And these microscopic shells once housed microscopic snails.

So the next time you see a sand castle, remember, it’s a trove of microscopic riches!



We have a winner!

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The winner of Best Tailfeathers 2014 goes to this white peafowl. Congratulations, peafowl!

Image source: http://www.viralboo.com/most-beautiful-peacocks-on-earth


Close up and personal

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Hummingbirds are some of my favorite creatures. No bigger than a ping-pong ball and no heavier than a nickel, they are fearless at confronting beings hundreds of times greater in size. I’ve put up a feeder by my window in order to watch their aerial antics, but the tiny fliers always seem too quick and too far away to get a really good look.

Photographer Chris Morgan has captured the iridescent plumage of this teensy terror in all its glory. Each intricate feather is smaller than a caraway seed but packs a colorful punch!


Photo by Chris Morgan

Photo by Chris Morgan


Nature’s paintbrush

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Eucalyptus deglupta, or rainbow eucalyptus, produces bark so colorful you’d think it was watered with paint.

This evergreen tree is native to moist, humid, tropical forested areas in New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippine Islands. It is the only eucalyptus tree that is indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere.

The beauty and mystery of Nature shines in this magical plant!


Hidden treasure

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Photographer Linden Gledhill isn’t content to capture butterflies and moths in all their glory. He aims his lens at the microscopic scales of their wings. The results are breathtaking.

Here’s Hypolimnas dexithea, or the Madagascar diadem.

This is Papilio lormieri, the Central Emperor Swallowtail.

Here is Precis rhadama, or the Brush-footed Butterfly.

And last, but not least—Argema mittrei, the Comet Moth.


Find more of Linden Gledhill’s astounding microscopic photography here.

And look for hidden beauty around you today!