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Happy Fourth of July!

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Most fireworks on the Fourth happen at night. And they’re EXTREMELY NOISY. It’s fun to stay out late, and it can be fun to be blasted by bangs. But it’s also fun to take matters into your own hands and create your own fireworks schedule, and here’s one easy way to do it in broad daylight.

All you need is a sidewalk or driveway and plenty of sidewalk chalk. Yes, the big stuff!

There’s one more thing you need. A little imagination. And voilà! Explosions of colorful fireworks. Add your own sound effects, and have a Happy Fourth of July!


Let’s get together!

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Pocket pun

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Game making

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Ten years or so ago, when he and his brother were kids, reddit user one23abc didn’t have the means to afford expensive card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon. What do do? Invent their own card deck for strategic game play, of course! All it took was paper, markers, creativity, and a whole lot of time. The result? Creature Cards!

Image: imgur

There are three types of cards—Creature, Evolution, and Item. Each player starts the game with three Creatures, one Evolution, and one Item.

Image: imgur

Image: imgur

Image: imgur

Image: imgur

Special powers and various strengths are involved with each original character, and the game provides hours of free entertainment. Oh, and Creature Cards came with something extra—all the fun of thinking it up and making it happen. Nothing is out of reach with an imagination!


Snow business

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Brothers Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz from New Brighton, Minnesota had enough snow this season to build a 12-foot tall sea turtle with the icy stuff.

Photo found here

But never fear, folks from warmer climes! Anyone can bring frosty-looking fun indoors with the TheSweetestOccasion.com‘s handy guide to creating a snow globe at home.

Just follow a few easy steps, and voíla! A wintery knick-knack to go with a nice, hot cup of cocoa…or a nice, tall glass of chilled chocolate milk.

Photo found at TheSweetestOccasion.com


Good tip!

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Big and small

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In the French city of Lyon exists a marvelous, miniature world. Dan Ohlmann is no Gulliver, but he has founded the Musée Miniature & Cinéma, where Lilliputians would feel right at home. Here’s Dan, lording over a tiny and eerily exact natural history museum he’s created.

This is the recreation of the Grand Salon aboard the SS Normandie, a grand ocean liner of yore.

And here’s a library so realistic, it makes you think you could walk right in. Maybe your hand would fit here, but that’s about all!


Miniatures are frequently used to help create movie magic. It’s clear to see why!

(All photos found at messynessychic)


Gnome home

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Tree stumps.

They’re everywhere.

And they always look a little sad and forlorn.

Luckily, gnomes (and fairies, to be fair) are always in need of housing. And there’s nothing they like better than to move into one of these babies. With planning, imagination, and spare time for fun, anyone can transform a sad-looking tree stump into an inviting home for wee members of the magical realm.

(This excellent gnome home found here)


(This roomier gnome mansion found here)

Whether or not a gnome (or fairy, to be fair) chooses to move into one of these fantastic creations, I would much rather see a gnome home than a forlorn stump, so I’d better get building. For tips on how to build a gnome home, there is no better resource than Jennifer Pilcher. She will break it down for you with pictures of homes so charming you will want to send the gnomes packing and move in yourself!


Points to ponder

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How many times have you used a crummy pencil sharpener, only to have the lead of your pencil break off again and again? Russian artist Salavat Fidai sharpens his pencils by hand and sculpts the lead while he’s at it.

Behold, his Number Two Dark Knight!

And his graphite Lord Vader.

Salavat has an Etsy store, if you’d like to keep a piece of his art in your pencil cup. Also, keep a magnifying glass handy.


Knitwear in nature

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These fashionable penguins in Australia’s Phillip Island are wearing jumpers hand-knitted by 109-year-old Alfie Date from New South Wales.

Alfie Date learned to knit in 1932. After an oil spill, Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation put out the call for knitted jumpers to help prevent the pengies from swallowing the oil when they cleaned themselves, and to help keep them dry.

Alfie got right on it, and with style. These pengies know they’re runway ready!