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Happy first day of fall!

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Today the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth. It’s the autumn equinox, the end of summer and the start of fall. From here on out, nights will be longer and days will be shorter. And hibernation will start to sound pretty good!



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You looking at me?

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Pareidolia is the word that describes the way we see meaningful things in ordinary objects. Such as faces. Sinks especially bring out the pareidolia in me.

What would these sinks say, if they could talk? “Wash your hands!” of course.



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Know your animals!

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What’s in a name? Everything, it turns out. I will never call these animals anything else again!


(Images found randomly online. If this is your photo or meme and you would like credit or have it removed, contact me here!)


Important definitions

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Story art

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A storyboard is a sequence of drawings representing the camera shots planned for a motion picture production. Here is one created by animator John Ripa for Tangled.

Master filmmaker Akira Kurosawa spent his early years as an aspiring painter. He put his painterly talent into creating wonderful images  for the storyboards he used for his motion pictures. Here are just a few!

Movies have many stories to tell. And art brings them all to life!


Super bowl haircut!

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Super Bowl Sunday is for football fans, of course. But a super bowl cut is for fans of the famous hairstyle that looks as if a bowl was placed over someone’s head and  the hair below it was snipped away. One of the most celebrated bowl cuts ever belonged to Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. Moe rocks that super bowl haircut!


Thanks, Alot!

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A blogger named Allie has recently posted about her pet peeves concerning spelling and grammar. One thing that really puts a bee in her bonnet is when people spell “a lot” as one word: “alot.”

She’s thought a lot about “alot,” and drew a picture of the image that came into her mind.

She’s incorporated her feelings for Alot in another drawing.

When it comes to Alots, Allie reaches out with love and understanding.

But there’s one thing Allie would like to get straight. When Alots (or anyone else) are spelling “a lot,” they had better make it TWO words, not ONE.


Yadiloh greetings!

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Dan’s Mom writes:

Dear T,

I would like to tell you about a fabulous new holiday celebration. It’s called Yadiloh, the Festival of Brooms and Mice, and it happens on the second Sunday of December, right before the traditional holidays begin. I had an artist friend of mine make up a card for it.

Yadiloh begins early in the morning as each and every kid in the family sweeps (or vacuums) their room and then cleans the whole house. Then, in the spirit of Yadiloh fun, they hide the broom (or vacuum).

After that, for even more fun, they sit quietly together and draw a picture of an adorable mouse. The fun doesn’t stop there! At this point, Mom or Dad takes on the role of Atnas, the Yadiloh Broom Finder. Atnas asks the kids (the Mice) where the broom (or vacuum) is. They tell him (or her), and then go outside to quietly play while Atnas takes a much-deserved Yadiloh nap.

Let’s get cracking and help make Yadiloh a part of every family’s holiday tradition! Here are a couple of rousing Yadiloh carols to get everyone in the mood.

Oh, Yadiloh!

(Sung to the tune of Oh, Tannenbaum)

Oh, Yadiloh! Oh, Yadiloh!

My favorite time of year.

Oh, Yadiloh! Oh, Yadiloh!

I’m glad you’re finally here.

I cleaned my room

and swept the house,

then hid the broom

and drew a mouse.

Oh, Yadiloh! Oh, Yadiloh!

You fill us all with cheer.


Here Comes Atnas

(Sung to the tune of Here Comes Santa)

Here comes Atnas, here comes Atnas,

looking for the broom.

Here comes Atnas, here comes Atnas,

checking every room.

Searching twice and asking mice for any little clue,

Atnas knows a broom hunt is the funnest thing to do!

T replies:

Hey, Dan’s Mom. Yadiloh sounds like a real hoot, but if I didn’t know better, I’d think you made it up to get Dan to clean the house before the regular holidays begin. If so, you get credit for a very crafty plan. Let’s see if Dan (or anyone else) falls for it!