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Painter’s puppets

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Swiss-German master painter Paul Klee depicted dreamlike images in his celebrated works. Here is Landscape With Yellow Birds (1923).

Art by Paul Klee

Lesser known are his handmade puppets and love of puppetry. Ompomhappy has posted a wonderful collection of the master’s magical creations.

Puppets by Paul Klee

Puppet by Paul Klee

Puppet by Paul Klee

Puppet by Paul Klee

Puppets by Paul Klee

Funny, Paul Klee’s puppets painted just like Paul Klee! The joy Paul Klee found in puppetry is wonderful to behold. Does it inspire you to create a puppet of your own?

Paul Klee and puppets

Visit ompomhappy to see more of Paul Klee’s puppet love.


More know your animals

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Demilked.com has posted some wonderful new hybrid creatures born of the wonders of Photoshop. There may never be an opportunity to sight these animals in the Wild, but it’s best to know their names, just in case.

Behold the Butterphant!

And the Koaowl!

And the Orangupanda!

For further education on a few more important (and imaginary) species, refer to Demilked.


Happy Halloween!

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Get your spirits soaring and have a MADly good time!


Gnome home

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Tree stumps.

They’re everywhere.

And they always look a little sad and forlorn.

Luckily, gnomes (and fairies, to be fair) are always in need of housing. And there’s nothing they like better than to move into one of these babies. With planning, imagination, and spare time for fun, anyone can transform a sad-looking tree stump into an inviting home for wee members of the magical realm.

(This excellent gnome home found here)


(This roomier gnome mansion found here)

Whether or not a gnome (or fairy, to be fair) chooses to move into one of these fantastic creations, I would much rather see a gnome home than a forlorn stump, so I’d better get building. For tips on how to build a gnome home, there is no better resource than Jennifer Pilcher. She will break it down for you with pictures of homes so charming you will want to send the gnomes packing and move in yourself!


King of the Wild Things

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There’s a Wild Thing in the White House!

When reading a book aloud, it’s always fun to act it out. President Obama showed bad boy Max who the REAL King of the Wild Things is when he read Where the Wild Things Are to participants in the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the nation’s capitol. Grrr!


April Fool’s!

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When old sounds new

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Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra is a children’s musical group that plays instruments made from recycled trash. The instruments incorporate everything from tin paint containers to spatulas.

The idea of turning something discarded into something uplifting came when music teacher Favio Chávez and trash picker Nicolás Gómez  joined forces in the city of Cateura to find a way to teach economically disadvantaged kids to play music in a place where a real violin costs more than a house.

The idea is nothing new, but the instruments are!

“Repurposing materials that are part of your everyday culture has been something that a lot of cultures have done for thousands of years,” says Dr. Daniel Piper, curator of musical instruments at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.


Making the best of a bad situation

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Fun can always turn a frown upside-down, and it sometimes helps to use a Sharpie. But only on your own things!


When small is big

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⌃Paedophryne amauensis is a species of frog from Papua New Guinea. It is the world’s smallest vertebrate.

⌃The Lilliputian Violet, found in the Peruvian Andes mountains, grows to be only one centimeter tall.

New York City’s Little Free Library may be the world’s smallest lending library. Designed by Venezuelan architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, it is one of ten mini-libraries in the city.


⌃This is the view upon entering this single-person space. It already looks crowded!

It has what we want, though. Books! And the instructions couldn’t be simpler. This library for people on the go is definitely a case where big things have come from something small.


Yoda in a jar

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Yoda looks at home in this terrarium by Minneapolis artist Tony Larson, and no wonder. It’s a recreation of the Master Jedi’s planet, Dagobah. Stop by Tony’s Etsy store, and you can enjoy a bit of your favorite Star Wars planetary system in your own home. Tony’s amazing terrariums include the Forest of Endor and the desert of Tatooine, where R2D2 is just about to meet his fateful encounter with scavenging Jawas. Watch out, R2!