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Believers are waiting!

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Happy Halloween!

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This house in Beverly Hills, California is known as the Witch’s House. It was built in the 1920s to serve as a movie set and office quarters for a film company. I can’t imagine a more Halloweeny trick or treat destination.

Los Angeles Times writer Alison Martino and photographer Stephen Russo went behind the scenes to meet current owner Michael J. Libow and take a peek inside his enchanting abode.

No! That’s not Michael. This is Michael.

And it’s clear to see that his home is a fairy tale inside and out. Happy Halloween!


Ideas are flowing

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Halloween is just around the corner! Time to think of costume ideas. And give a little help to anyone who might be stuck.



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Do Jack O’Lanterns have to be pumpkins, or can they be made of metal? My favorites this Halloween season come from craft company Mel’s Make Believe, not a pumpkin patch. These wonderful Halloween sculptures are manufactured from mechanical bits and pieces in the style of steampunk, the type of science fiction where old-fashioned machinery takes the place of futuristic technology. Each of Mel’s steampunk Jack O’Lanterns is a one-of-a-kind original with its own spooky personality. They all bring the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve to life, and they’re guaranteed not to rot the next week! Happy Halloween!