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Bug buddy

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Fossils found from the Triassic Period 190 million years ago indicate that the giant weta of New Zealand is an insect species that’s older than some dinosaurs. Certain arthropod-happy New Zealanders keep them as pets. Wetas have ears on their knees. Some are as heavy as two sparrows or three mice. And they love eating carrots! I don’t think they play fetch. But they might bring you your slippers in the morning!


Buggy beauty

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Fueled by a concern for nature and a scientific curiosity, Japanese artist Hiroshi Shinno creates ikimono (life/living) sculptures of imaginary insects out of metal and resin. Shinno intends for these fantastical forms to remind us of the wondrous variety that is found in the natural world. Even insectophobes have got to be onboard with that!

Shinno keeps an Insect Diary, in which he sketches ideas for future works. Take a look!