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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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House haunters

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Toward the end of October shuddersome shacks attract house-haunters looking for a pad to possess, and hair-raising hangouts put an Unwelcome mat by the front door. Dying to meet your neighborhood poltergeist? Knock at your peril. But don’t be surprised if your ghost host avoids the living room.

Oh—and be warned. Why are haunted houses always the tallest in town? Because they’ve got hundreds of horror stories!

King of the Wild Things

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There’s a Wild Thing in the White House!

When reading a book aloud, it’s always fun to act it out. President Obama showed bad boy Max who the REAL King of the Wild Things is when he read Where the Wild Things Are to participants in the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the nation’s capitol. Grrr!

Yes to the Yeti!

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Keylan and Jake from Long Beach, CA write:

Dear T,

We are not interested in stories about vampires. We don’t care about werewolves, either. Or ghosts. And especially not mermaids! What we ARE interested in is the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Here is a story we’ve written about the mighty Yeti called SNOBEAST. We both worked on the cover drawing. Those are the Himalaya mountains in the back. What do you think?

T replies:

Thanks for letting me read your Yeti story, Keylan and Jake! SNOBEAST sent chills of terror and excitement up and down my spine. I have long been fascinated by tales of the Yeti. I’m a believer!

A brush with danger

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George from Portland, OR writes:

Dear T,

Everyone has gotten a good scare with my Halloween stories The Evil Lightbulb and Organ-ic Blood Orange. Well, this year’s story is even more frightening. It’s about a toothbrush that comes to life on Halloween night with a sinister mission—to keep brushing and brushing and brushing. It doesn’t stop brushing until it’s brushed your head right off. Ha ha! What do you think of that?

P.S. Since I charged ten dollars for last year’s story, my mom made me give this one away for free. All the copies are already gone.

T replies:

What can I say, George? You’ve done it again. Another ordinary household item is now scaring me out of my wits, thanks to your lurid imagination. Needless to say I will NOT be brushing my teeth this Halloween night. I’ll just have to brush TWICE the next morning.

Fruit fright

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George from Portland, OR writes:

Dear T,

You might remember my Halloween story last year, The Evil Lightbulb, because it probably scared you to pieces. Well, this year I have written a story about a homicidal organic blood orange. It sits innocently in the bin at the Farmer’s Market until someone foolishly buys it. When they take it home and cut it into slices, it gushes blood and doesn’t stop until everyone drowns in it. Here’s the cover I made for it.

P.S. I’m charging ten dollars for my story this year, as you can see by the cover.

T replies:

Hey, George. Happy Halloween, a week early. You really got me with this scary orange. I always thought fruits were nice and vegetables weren’t. Where did I get that idea?


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I met the Wolfman last night, and let me tell you, he is a pretty cool guy. Thanks, Wolfman, for not ripping my head off! Let’s keep in touch.

The Wolfman says hi.

The Wolfman says hi.

Bad lighting

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George from Portland, OR writes:

Dear T,

I am writing a scary Halloween story called “The Evil Lightbulb.” It’s about a 60-watt lightbulb that shines with pure evil. Everyone who sees its light turns into a homicidal maniac. It likes people who are scared of the dark, because they are sure to turn it on, and then it sits back and watches the bloodbath.

T replies:

Hey, George. That sounds like a scary lightbulb indeed. But to foil its evil intentions I would attach it to a dimmer switch on every other night but Halloween!

A rad arachnid

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Dan from Tallahassee, FL writes:

Salutations, T!

Today my mom went into the bathroom to take a shower like she does every morning, and two minutes later my dad and I heard her scream bloody murder. He and I went running to see what was the matter, and she showed us the cause of all the fuss. Here’s a hint: It had six more legs than I do! Trapped in the tub was the biggest, hairiest spider we had ever seen. At first, Mom wanted Dad to smash it, but then she cooled down and let me capture it in a jar and release it in the garden. Before I set it free, I did a drawing of it. Dad and I got online and looked at pictures of the different kinds of spiders that live in Florida, and we’re pretty sure it was a Giant Lichen Orbweaver. Here’s a jpeg of my drawing. I’m going to write a report about the Giant Lichen Orbweaver on my own and turn it in for extra credit in Biology class next year.

Giant Lichen Orbweaver drawing by Dan

Giant Lichen Orbweaver drawing by Dan

T replies:

Wow, Dan, the spider in your drawing is so scary I nearly jumped out of my skin! I can see why your mom screamed bloody murder when she encountered the real thing in the bathtub. You captured the hairiness of this arachnid specimen especially well. And I appreciate your use of “salutations” in your greeting. I don’t see or hear that very often!