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It’s December!

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Snow day

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Made your fort? Check.

Hoarded your ammunition? Check.

Called a nap-time ceasefire? Double check!


Frosty fails

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How great is it to come across a cheerful snow person on a field of freshly fallen white stuff? The sight of so much nice ice warms the heart just enough to take the chill off the cold season.

But bringing these frigid folks into the kitchen in the form of holiday treats is tricky. Many have tried, and many have failed.

Thinking of giving it a go? Here’s a useful hint. It doesn’t help to use yellow icing!


Snow business

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Brothers Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz from New Brighton, Minnesota had enough snow this season to build a 12-foot tall sea turtle with the icy stuff.

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But never fear, folks from warmer climes! Anyone can bring frosty-looking fun indoors with the TheSweetestOccasion.com‘s handy guide to creating a snow globe at home.

Just follow a few easy steps, and voíla! A wintery knick-knack to go with a nice, hot cup of cocoa…or a nice, tall glass of chilled chocolate milk.

Photo found at TheSweetestOccasion.com


Winter wonderland

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Building a snow slide in the backyard is a no-brainer when the white stuff piles up.

This one is impressive. But one made of ice is even better!

Oh, and that building in the background? ALSO BUILT OF ICE.

Welcome to the Ice Festival in Harbin, China, where frozen treats include an international snow sculpture art expo, an ice lantern art fair, winter swimming, chilly stays in ice hotels, dog sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling and romantic sleigh rides.

If there’s anyplace outside Arendelle that you might find yourself rubbing frozen shoulders with Queen Elsa, this is it.

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Snow giant

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Winter is not over yet, and the cold white stuff is still falling from the sky. Plowing and shoveling only leads to unsightly lumps and piles. What’s a farmer in Gilman, Minnesota to do? What else but build a fifty-foot stunner of a snow person? Let’s hope this fearsome Frosty has come in peace!


Cool hedgehog!

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Hedgehogs are adorable. That’s my opinion—but it’s also a fact!

And they are small enough to fit in your hand.

Or both hands, if you have a matching pair!

Every winter for the past 19 years, the Swedish town of Luleå has unveiled an ice animal sculpture by artist Hans Englund. This year’s impressive contribution is a 12-ton hedgie.

Made of ice and snow, this cool hedgehog will only last till the thaw of Spring. Until then, it rules!